I never thought I could never love again. 

I didn’t believe that my heart could mend. 

I was skeptical to believe that God would give me someone amazing. I didn’t see positivity and possibility in my life, just the heartbreak and sorrow. 

All that changed when you came around. 

You gave me life, breathed love back into my soul. 

I remembered what life has to give me and I can now see the path of peace set in front of me. 

You gave me strength to find balance. 

You gave light in darkness. 

Your never ending support lifts me towards the heavens, and I’m a better stronger women with or with out you, but I choose with.  Cause with you I see in color. I can smell  the roses and most importantly I like who I am with you. 

I never want that sparkle in our eye to fade. I want you to look at me like I’m only woman on earth forever. And I hope you see that sparkle in me cause I feel it’s there. 


Fleeting Moments aka Larpenteur and Dale


The unspoken truth between us

My soul yearns to be near you-I can feel every atom in my body pull toward your essence.  Billions of years, many lifetimes, and we know we were both born from the same star.

The unspoken truth told us so.

The world moves by logic, and yet no matter how you cut it, there’s nothing logical about us. The only logic I can hold is knowing that you are mine, logically, worth the wait.

Our history is captivated by small moments. Passing time, quick glances, smiles, secret tears & bouts of joy

I hold your face in my heart & your embrace in my scent, that way I can never loose you.  For I know this isn’t a dream

I have smelled your essence and your fair mines dive me crazy. Crazycomfortcool.

No good things in life come easy. Everything worth having is worth waiting for.

I’ll be here for you.

You need me and my strength & I need your caress.

There are no coincidences in life, & we found each other at the exact moment we needed to.

I know this is good because I wasn’t looking when I found you.

The universe gave you to me

& I can feel good things on the horizon

I can not see our future I can not tell you what will be. I can affirm to you my love & assure you I’ll be right here waiting

❤️ your soul traveler