My nephew has arrived. I’m so grateful that he’s here. It’s amazing that I have developed the trust needed for him to come and stay. 

I was nervous about it. Nervous about my history. But his mom was cool and supportive. “I know that you’ll always keep him safe and that you love him. That’s all I care about.”  

It’s amazing to be in recovery and have kind of trust. I’ve never spent this much time with him and I’m grateful to have the opportunity now. 

I wanted this relationship for so long. But the addict in my brother always got in the way. It took a while for my family to move on and realize that they can’t help him. Only my brother can help himself from his addictions. It’s unfortunate that this our little soul got in the way and had the most to loose. Hopefully that will change now. 

I missed the first nine years but I won’t miss anymore. I’m grateful to be alive to get this one day together. And I pray to wake up tomorrow and get that one tooo. But if I don’t, then atleast I know I had one amazing day with my amazing nephew. And that is enough to be thankful for.