cold clammy hands

soft gentle touches

smooth skin

fingers curdled upon fingers

hands wrapped around shoulders

up and down strokes

tingles on the back

visions of what is to be

bodies caged;

minds converge in fantasy

gentle touches



a small brush of the knee

tennis shoes placed upon boots

eyes glaring into eyes

swimming in a deep sea of blue

resting in a field of green

twirling in turquoise bliss

warmth surrounds us

me and you!

engulfed in

honey golden brown delicacies

sweet candy love for sale

i want you to…

taste my eyes

taste my innocence

taste my essence

i love you





I’d follow you into the depths of the earth,If that meant I could wake up burrowed by your side everyday

I’d follow you into the sun

Where our love can burn in its ultimate glory, uncontainable 

I’d follow you off the rocky cliff

Knowing that my last thought was your beautiful face

Death can come & go, and I’ll still by captivated by your beauty

I’d follow you into the red fields

Where our bodies roll in the sea of poppies

And the euphoria of your touch tops any high I could ever find

I’d follow you in the front line

If that meant I could die by your side, victorious

Knowing that we conquered the universe’s greatest love through many lifetimes

I’d follow you into the night sky

Leaving fear & doubt behind, only exploration of unchartered territory [body] unraveling the mystery that lies within you

I’d follow you home

Cause home is where the heart is

& you carry my heart wherever you go

Every beat, beats for you

Every pump, pumps for us

Every second I’m alive is a gift

I give to you, my love, my eternal

Time and Distance

Baby, You are the sun when it rises

You are the flower that blooms

You are the cool breeze on a spring day

You are the yin to my yang

You are the joy in a baby’s laugh

You are soft delicate kisses

You are warm fuzzy socks on cold feet

You are chocolate deliciousness everyday

You are my everything

You are my nothing

I am. I be.

You are.