Mrs. Ryan

I had a dream last night.  I dream of us bundling up on chilly fall night, making homemade soup, drinking hot apple cider. We drove as family to see the colors.  I remember feeling warm with you even though the air was crisp. 

I awoke to an empty feeling. I want to fall asleep nestled in your embrace. To feel gentle kisses on my forehead cheeks eyelids with sweet nothings whispered in my ears. I want to feel protected by your embrace and rapture of your love. Time is slipping away from me.  I just want it to standstill with you. I hope that my dreams will become my reality. I urn for the day I wake up next to you.

Baby, you are all I ever want and wanted. I’m ready to do all of whatever it takes. I want this pussy and my body to be yours. And when we finally get together and things work out I’m gonna hand you the marker to put your name it on me on my heart. I will tear out my heart right now to offer it to you. All you need to do is come and claim it. 

 The moral of the story is that I want to kiss you and you kiss me back. I want to give you every piece of me that I can offer. Every atom inside of me urns for you. I want to feel your warmth inside of me, you cum in me and make me yours. Let me be your queen and I’ll be your nothing. Nothing lasts forever but I will be forever.