Day 5

Today was a good day. Que in Ice Cube. We had a full day of travel and sightseeing scheduled. First was Tianamen square, then the Forbidden City followed by lunch, Olympic village and the Summer Palace. Last but not least was the Moishe house. It was a long day of walking and as always our tour guide Lotus was hilarious and amazing! Seeing all of these historical sights really illustrated the longevity and intense history of the Chinese people. It’s so odd that somehow my people for in this large intricate history. The night ended with an engaging conversation about the role of Jews and Judaism in China with the residents of Moishe house. These are the young fun folks mainly transplants and predominately Israeli. We had a touching Yom Zikkaron service that left me balling like a baby. It was so surreal and my head was flooded with memories from my travels and my dear friend Nivya Durban who is a fallen solider. The most amazing part was sharing this experience on the other side of the world with an international community. Never ever have I been so moved to be a part of this community the world wide Jewry. It was touching and unlike anything I have ever felt or experienced before.


Day 2

My day started at 5:30 am with an alarming wake up to the sun shining in my eyes. My roommate Michelle also woke up and the two of us decided to explore the area of the resort. The resort is quite an interesting place, removed from the world and hidden in the mountains of China. What seemingly was a popular destination seems and feels a bit run down and off the beaten path. Michelle told me that it reminded her of the Grand Budapest Hotel. After our morning adventure we left for the Great Wall. Our tour guide Lotus is an amazing woman and incredibly funny. She gave us a wonderful history lesson of the wall and sent us off to explore. We rode a ski lift up the mountain to get to the wall. It was a little scary and shaky but in the end it was an adventure worth while. And like a ski lift we had to jump off it while it was circling around which gave us all a little bump on our bums. On top of the wall thee are several vendors selling cold water and beer. Pi was amazed to find out that they carry their supplies up top on the backs everyday. A select group take the chair lifts but those are the ones with good relationships with the lift operators. Most of them wore a communist looking hat, military grade olive green with a red star. One guy was demonstrating Kung foo moves with me in order to sell me a cold beer. It was quite funny.