Day 1

Listening to the Amelie soundtrack while at night through China. We left Beijing on a two hour drive to the mountains. Through the darkness there is light everywhere. I noticed all the small communities we drove through had public parks filled with people at night and luminaries with the most breath taking lights. On town had big purple and white bulbs arranged into a snowball shape like little flower assortments down the street. These were rotated with rigatoni shaped red bulbs arranged on the lamp post little bleed heart flowers, dangling and bright. The streets were empty yet filled with light and comfort. As we drove north, the roads went from highway and traffic to small narrow allies and crisp air. We are told the resort we will staying at is a popular destination for the government and conference retreats here. The beauty is just remarkable and peaceful that the city officials often get away from the hustle bustle pollution of Beijing . This cozy little resort will be our home base for the next few days. In the darkness I can see a subtle horizon line and my mind is anxiously filling in the blanks of the majesty that exists. Tomorrow we will go to the Great Wall of China, the only man made structure seen from outer space. I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to a trip.



I don’t want to let the comfort of you go.
I believe in my heart that we are not right for each other.
I believe in my heart that you are perfect for me in more than one way.
I think about our future and ease come to my mind.
You give me a piece of mind that no one has given me before.
In the morning, I stare at your rugged face and smile.
The wrinkles around your eyes show life I can only dream about-
I gaze into my imagination to fill in the blanks. All the lost words you may never speak.
Silence fills the space between us. I reach to feel your presence. I stretch into your warmth,
and yet a distant coldness can not be overcome.
Sometimes I am unsure if I can be the woman you need. Sometimes I am unsure if you can be the man I need. But love is not lost and we both want each other.
What is a need? A want? Is love enough?
I sit next to you and feel like I’m a thousand miles away.
My tortured heart beats for you-
the source of my pain
the source of my happiness

Home sweet home

After the worst trip ever it feels so frickin good to be home! There is no better way to celebrate than a night out on the town. Tearing it up in Hollywood at sky bar and mimuna celebrations. Some of my fondest memories of Israel are during Mimuna, the Moroccan celebration at the end of Passover. And now I’m on the town drinking whiskey (yes!) and hanging out with my baby. I wonder how I could leave this place when everything is so smooth and suave. This is the LA I love. And thee is nothing better than a nifty on the town with the crew, especially after a super super drama filled crappy trip. But now I’m happy to be here in an overpriced bar with good peeps and my baby. This is what life is about. I didn’t need to travel the world to figure if out. But I did so say la vie. And on that note Yes to LA!