Out of Breathe

I hear your voice on line
And I want to run to you
I want to be where you are
I want to see what you see
The soft gentle tone lingers around your lips

I feel my spirit soar

Of long legs pounding cement
Oxygen molecules sucked
through exasperated lungs
Sweat drops trickling
Down long expressions

When I’m with you I want to run away-
I want to find that perfect person I left hiding-
Lingering in the shadows with my demons-
Drifting away from my innocence-
I want to find her before you do…

Pain stricken images pouring through my mind-
I feel myself grasping for air-

My heart beats heavy
My legs tremble with strength to carry my feet away…

I want to run to hide from you to hide from me-
No one has been able to see my vulnerability-
And you light me up inside.

You see parts of me where no one else has dared to look-
I run exposed in front of you.
And so I run.

To cover the dirty shadows of my soul
To mask the inner depths of my embrace…

I feel my spirit soar
I want to run to you
I want to run from me

I need to catch my breath
Cause you leave me out of breath

I hear your voice on the line
and my heart skips a beat
I feel my chest cavity twist and turn and crumble and cave
Arms swinging-fast and furious
I skip a breath-and swallow-
Gulping towards your presence
I find myself running from me-
I wan to hide every piece of my heart from you
And I see you in my peripheral vision
One giant leap away-
Step by step
your love is quicker than I’ve ever seen
I know I can’t win this race-
You come to capture me-
Sweaty breath trickles down my back


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