home is where the heart is

home tat

there is nothing better than family

snuggled cuddled curled up fetal

comfy chicken pot pie

irish pride on minnesnowta frozen toe-streets

salted ice, salted fries, salted margarita rims

i support LGBT!

gay as in happiness, gay as in the roaring 20’s, gay in love

wild rice and skylines melt my heart

first love skinny dipping in hidden

first ave dancing high fiesta

susan g. komen breast cancer missed years

frosty dairy queen tears

late night impromptu I-94 trips

lexington  & uni onion wedges; sliders

oyster chicken wings on snelling avenue

STP is more than motor oil

gemini, gemelos, תאומים

twins hold my essence

home is where the heart is


Late Night (after Li Po)


O at the Edges


The moon smiles upon my bed.
I consider frost and ice,
and raising my head, the bright sky.
Lying back, I think of home.

Once again, I’ve attempted to shiver myself into a timeless piece. I can only hope that my version does not offend.

The literal translation from Chinese-Poetry.com follows:

Bed before bright moon shine
Think be ground on frost
Raise head view bright moon
Lower head think home


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sometimes I lay in bed, curled under the covers and cry myself to sleep.  the soft fluffyess of my sheets could never compare to your skin-your warmth nestled around me from head to toe.  I sleep in a puddle of tears with the phone by my side, hoping.  even though I know I may never hear your voice at the end of the line again.  I really fucked up and im sorry. even though sorry cant compare to the damage I left on your heart.  I ripped through you like a hurricane, leaving nothing in sight.  I shredded your hopes and fears and left them amongst the rumble.  no insurance policy can compensate you for what I did, but I still thought I would say sorry-I miss my best friend.

five years is a lot of time.  children tansform to adults, teams come and go as winners, styles change, lingo shifts and art transforms and you really can get to know a person.

like to think that for a moment

one knew you better than me.

its those days…

the happy, sad, go lucky, I cant do anything kind of day that gets me.

its those days when I want to pick up the hone and dial.

you knew me better than my momma,

and all the right words seemed to come from your lips.

I miss those those days

now those days leave me unfulfilled

I misss those days

just like I miss my best friend

there are always those moments

that I wsh I could share with you

all those little details that might not really matter

I feel your presence plaguing me.

your essence is handcuffed to my mind and has left a stench in my mental.

a smell so unbearable  that all the little details I once loved are now intolerable.

I don’t know what to do cause I cant stop noticing and I cant stop smelling…