Ech omreem “things are good” b’ivrit?

So it has officially been over a month since last post. A combination of crazy days, exhaustion and the untimely breakdown of my computer and camera, left me blog-free. For this I apologize. So it here it goes it a nutshell:
1. I am officially a master of the Public bus system in Israel. In the last month I have gotten lost at least once on a city bus Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva,figured out how to buy a “kartis” per paid punch card for my travels and now have memorized the major bus lines and schedules to everywhere else Israel from Beer Sheva.
2. My Hebrew is improving at a slow rate. I feel little difference but the world tells me otherwise, especially Melissa, who relies on my broken understanding of things, although she can comprehend plenty on her own. I have a gift of speaking terrible broken phrases in Hebrew to people to get what I want while Melissa still does this in English. LOL, we both are beginning to study with our books and befriending cute Israelis to tutor us.
3. I have realized that my first month here was too much fun and I overspent myself. If budget what I have till June, I’m living off peanuts. So now I am looking for ways to make money and work in a small development town. I’m also checking out things in Beer Sheva. Problem is I need to find something that doesn’t need me to fill out papers or need good Hebrew. Kinda limits my options, but I am hopeful.
4. The kids are great. Everyday is a new challenge. I have developed some close relationships with kids and am constantly giving them a source of entertainment. I am always mispronouncing words and mistakenly saying something else. I also take out my notebook and write down the vocabulary with them. This is hilarious to them, but I explain that I too am learning a new language, and that I really want to know Hebrew. This usually leads to the creation of a test of some kind. They like to test me, especially spelling tests as most of them are amazed that I can write words close to perfect if I hear it clearly. I guess they don’t expect me to read or write at all.
5. There is less resistence to me in the class and now the “trouble” students are coming to me to ask. I have also gained the love and respect of the Ukrainian boys in the school and so now I have a steady crew of boys that follow me, work with me, flirt with me and attempt to get my number/Facebook, etc… I don’t mind, I clearly set the boundaries and they know, although they always push, the friendship is brewing. I think by the time year is over, I may have reached out and actually made an impact on some.
So add a plethora of really tasty Moroccan food and small town warmth and hospitality and that has been my month.
So far, things are good. The first month here was just preparation of the land, now I can plant the seeds and wait for them to grow.


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